Class Schedule:

​     Each week we have 2 beginner classes that last 1.5 hours each.

     You can join at any time. Beginners welcome!

1606 Fisher Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2C 1X8, Canada   |  1-613-552-0972  |


At Kung Fu Ottawa, our goal is to help students develop high-level martial arts skills and enjoy better health though the practice of Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu.

We teach kung fu, not fitness classes, but through vigorous, good quality, detailed kung fu training you will get in shape in no time and achieve higher levels of fitness as you progress. In order to acquire real proficiency in any martial art, It is essential to become proficient in that art’s basics. For this reason, our students progress at different paces according to their own abilities. Just like anything else, the more practice you put in, the better you will become. The sky is the limit!

​Initially, we work first on building a strong horse stance, developing extensive muscle, ligament and tendon strength in the legs while introducing the first basic hand and foot techniques. We continue to build on this basic structure to improve mobility in the footwork and more complex and adaptable punching and kicking techniques.

As a student progresses through the forms they are introduced to a more developed system, eventually including throwing, grappling, wooden dummy and sandbag techniques and weapons. Classes also include extensive San Da training, which is contact pad training and sparring designed to teach real fighting skills for tournament or for self-defense. 

At Kung Fu Ottawa we put the emphasis on creating a serious yet pleasant atmosphere conducive to growth where everyone feels welcome!

If you are looking to:

          - Train Shaolin kung fu 

          - Become stronger, faster and more flexible

          - Practice a unique and practical martial arts system

          - Compete in forms or sparring competitions

          - Have a fun activity to do during the week

          - Or just try something new

Then come try one of our free classes.

Our adult training program includes:

         - Hand forms (single and two-person sets)

         - Weapons training

         - Wooden dummy training (over 18 different dummies)
         - Body conditioning exercises

         - Pad and bag work
         - Free sparring (optional)

         - Self-defense for men and women
         - Qi Gong: Breathing exercises

To learn more about our authentic traditional Chinese martial arts program, please schedule an appointment to visit our school and try a free class.

Adult Classes 15+

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