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​​Choy Lee FutKung Fu

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What is Choy Lee Fut?

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu is a complete fighting method and martial art, one of the most widely practiced Kung Fu styles inside and outside China today. It is well known for its speed and power, its smooth circular body movements and flexible footwork. Choy Lee Fut combines the powerful hand techniques characteristic of southern styles with the versatile kicks of the northern systems. It emphasizes the intelligent use of strength and the combination of external force with the internal will.

A Choy Lee Fut practitioner learns to use the body as one complete unit, by training a strong and stable but very agile horse stance combined with very fast and fluid hand and foot techniques. All punches, kicks, knees and elbows follow the 8 directions of the Ba Gwa, which allows for all angles of attack and defense.

 Choy Lee Fut has a tradition deeply rooted within the martial arts of the Shaolin Temple. The Choy Lee Fut system has many forms (kuens, katas) by which a student develops proficiency in the techniques of the style. The practitioner then hones and refines those techniques on pads and by sparring, if they have a desire to do so.

​Choy Lee Fut offers training in many aspects, including hand and weapon forms, 2-man training forms, Shaolin wooden dummy training, lion dancing and Qi Gong.

Benefits of our kung fu training
 - The benefits of regular exercise at the level of intensity that suits you
 - Strength, flexibility and agility
 - Mental focus and stamina
 - Practical and effective self-defence and fighting skills
 - Confidence and discipline
 - Be part of a rich cultural tradition that goes back to the Shaolin temple