Frequently asked questions

What is kung fu and what are kung fu styles?
The term kung fu is used to refer to martial arts originating from China. Chinese martial arts are more properly referred to as Wushu (martial art). 

It is important to note that Modern Wushu is a performance oriented art based loosely on the traditional styles, whereas traditional Wushu is a martial art practiced and refined over generations. It usually encompasses hand to hand fighting, traditional weapons, breathing and relaxation techniques, lion dancing, knowledge of Chinese medicine, and more. 

I have never done kung fu or martial arts before, is that ok?

Yes! Everyone starts somewhere.

What is the best age to start ? Am I too old?

There is no best age. Choy Lee Fut kung fu can benefit people of all ages

How long until I am good?

Everyone is different, and there is no set time. The more you practice the better you will be

Do I have to spar or fight someone?

No, you are not forced to fight anyone, you can decide for yourself if that is something you would like to try

What style of kung fu do you teach?

Chan Family Choy Lee Fut kung fu

What is special about  Kung Fu Ottawa?
We teach a kung fu style that has a long and well documented history.
We have learned directly form the source of the art which means that we are of an authentic and verifiable lineage.
We are one of Ottawa's few Kung fu schools.
We love teaching and seeing our students and kung fu family grow, and we are devoted to ensuring that they can do so in a serious and friendly atmosphere.

Is Choy Lee Fut practical in self-defense?

Choy Lee Fut is a very practical system of kung fu known for it's fast and powerful techniques. Bruce Lee said it best,  "Choy Li Fut is the most effective system that I've seen for fighting more than one person. [It] is one of the most difficult styles to attack and defend against."

What about competitions?
If students would like to compete in martial arts tournaments they are welcome to do so. Competitions help to focus your training and as well help you grow as a person and martial artist. We occasionally compete in forms (hand & weapon) as well as sparring competitions.

Can anyone start learning this martial art?
Yes of course, you simply need a positive attitude. You will learn at your own pace and no experience is necessary.

Do I need to get in shape before joining?
No. We will help you get in shape, that is part of what we do. The most important thing is to train regularly and have fun, and you will be in shape in no time!

When do adult classes start?
We accept adult students all year round.

When do kids/teens classes start?

We run two sessions per year, September-December and January-May

Do I need a uniform?
Yes you do.

Kids/Teens - The uniform (t-shirt, pants, shoes) is required at the start of training.

Adults - You will receive your t-shirt as part of your 1st month membership. The shoes and pants can be purchased right away or after your 1st month.

What type of atmosphere can I expect in a class?
You can expect a warm welcome, smiling faces and serious training. Everybody is welcome.

Do you use coloured belts?
We do not use belts to display our rank.


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