Kids and Teens Class


Class Schedule:

​     Each week we have 1 class that lasts 1 hour.

     Our program for kids-teens has 2 sessions per year, from September to December, 

     and from January - May

1606 Fisher Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2C 1X8, Canada   |  +1.6135520972  |

Kung Fu

Kids / Teens class curriculum:

     - Warm-ups, stretches and strengthening activities
     - Horse stance and footwork training
     - Basic Choy Lee Fut punches and kicks, including self-defence applications
     - Fist forms, including: Small Plum Blossom Fist and techniques from 5 Wheel Horse and 5 Wheel Fist
     - Weapons forms, including: Double and Single Headed Striking Pole and Plum Flower Sabre
     - Breathing and relaxation techniques

6:15 - 7:15

At Kung Fu Ottawa, we seek to help children develop their full potential through the practice of Choy Lee Fut kung fu. Our passionate and experienced instructors know how to help young students develop self-confidence, learn self-defence skills and improve their focus and concentration. This is done in a serious and fun atmosphere. Besides building friendships and having fun, they will learn many valuable life skills.

Kung Fu Ottawa has a special and safe program for kids and teens ages 10-14 years. Our emphasis is on teaching basic Choy Lee Fut techniques in a practical manner to prepare them to better defend themselves, and to become the best that they can be. The kids-teens program teaches our students discipline, coordination, dexterity, and balance while improving fitness in a fun and controlled environment.

The main features of our training program for kids and teens (11-14 years old):

     - Development of physical attributes (Co-ordination, Balance, Flexibility, Strength)
     - Development of social skills (Respect, Cooperation)

     - Accountability
     - Discipline, focus and concentration
     - Self-confidence
     - Self-defense skills

     - Friendship